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In the US, the worst health disparities are
concentrated in specific urban and rural communities
where the rate of early-onset disease is higher
than the rest of the American population.

The major causes of serious health disparities such as diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney failure, blindness, and substance abuse are either preventable or controllable. Despite recent reforms, our current health care systems are not up to the task of addressing the overwhelming burden of disease in the community.

Thus, there is a moral mandate to create novel solutions and to achieve progress through collaborations between community members and organizations, industry, and health care institutions to narrow the disparities that exist in the health status across neighborhoods in our communities.

Townhomes Border_edited.png
Townhomes Border_edited_edited.png

Our focus is on providing access to evidence-based care through partnerships with the community where people live,
 starting with our own neighborhoods.   

Our Current Programs

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