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The goals of the education arm of the Brancati Center are to support novel educational programs that enhance community capacity building and address community health needs, to enhance experiences and training for youth pursuing careers in the health care field, and to enrich training in community based and population health for trainees at the university and health professions level.
To accomplish these broad goals we offer training in specific health-related community activities, as well as opportunities for dialogue among the various partners to improve cross-cultural communication and shared activities for health improvement.


Residency Curriculum Development 

The residency curriculum at Johns Hopkins aims to improve skills in community engagement and address social determinants of health. Collaborations with various residency programs have led to workshops, including Violence Prevention. The curriculum is expanding with the creation of Health Disparities and Social Determinants of Health Modules on the Physician Education and Assessment (PEAC) platform.  


Health Freedom 

An ongoing NIH-funded study focuses on adapting the "Health Freedom Circle of Friends" program into a mobile health app for cardiovascular health equity in Maryland, Mississippi, and Indiana. The team has conducted stakeholder meetings, gathered community feedback, and initiated app development.  

Preventive services

COVID-19 Vaccine Education 

Brancati Center team has engaged in COVID-19 vaccine education, addressing vaccine hesitancy through listening sessions, educational events, and distribution of educational materials, reaching over 720 people. 


Interfaith Family Health Center

The Interfaith Family Health Center (IFHC) secured funding from the Abell Foundation and Weinberg Foundation for health initiatives in Ashburton and surrounding communities, in collaboration with Liberty Grace Church of God in West Baltimore. IFHC aims to address prevalent health concerns through education and screening programs. Following focus groups identifying mental health, chronic disease management, and food access as key issues, IFHC initiated monthly 'Family and Friends Day' events at Liberty Grace Church, focusing on specific health topics with educational sessions and direct health services. 

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